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The Boardwalk Chapel

The Boardwalk Chapel is a unique Reformed Gospel-preaching and evangelistic training ministry. This facility, owned by the Presytery of New Jersey (OPC), is located strategically where thousands of people from many ethnic races, cultures, religions and nationalities pass by the live, dynamic presentation of the Gospel of Christ. The Chapel building is an auditorium with a stage, seating up to 100 with the entire rear open to the boardwalk traffic. As people walk by, they can easily see and hear the programs. The building is usually open during the day and well after the evening programs have ended (often past midnight). It becomes a gathering point for people who drift in and out of the evening program to look at tracts and Christian literature, receive Godly counsel, praise God for the Chapel's existence, or challenge its very right to exist.


In relation to evangelism, we believe in the urgent and sincere free offer of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, with its call to repentance and faith, to everyone. And we also realize our utter dependence on the sovereign saving working of the Triune God. To him is and must be all the glory (John 6:44, 17:2; 1 John 4:19)!


The ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel has blessed Christ's church through the presentation of the Gospel to thousands of people each summer, through the training and the development of spiritual growth of hundreds of Christian young people, and through the encouragement and equipping it provides to seminarians and pastors.


Many current pastors, elders, deacons, teachers, and members in various Reformed churches have been blessed by the experiences they have had at the Chapel over the years.

The Chapel also has a vision to equip people in our local churches so they are able to evangelize and build the Kingdom of God, both in Wildwood and back in their home communities. In light of that, there are the following opportunities are provided in Wildwood:

  • Training Weeks and Conferences - We have four different weeks that seek to train and grow all those in attendance. Each week has a different focus of teaching, with the ultimate goal of equipping the saints for evangelism. Check out the dates, teachings, and training weeks on our website:

  • Volunteer Staff - Individuals are able to serve on staff with us for the summer in different capacities. We have several teams that allow for staff to use their gifts evangelistically, and grow in them. Check out our website to see our openings:

  • Paid Staff - We are looking for several leaders to serve with us this summer and lead our staff. Please direct anyone who may have an interest to our website for more details!

  • Church Groups - This is a missions experience for churches to be able to gather youth, young adults, individuals, and families within their congregation to receive training and serve with the Chapel staff for a week. Check out our website for more information:

  • Work Groups - We are looking for groups who have a heart for service! Check out our website for more information:


The ministry is a seasonal, denominational, evangelistic outreach. The Chapel is not a local church and does not have communicant members. The ministers and church youth groups that come each year represent OPC, PCA and other Reformed congregations. Those who come to serve, to participate in its ministry, or give to support it are committed Christians with a heart for proclaiming the Gospel.

The Boardwalk Chapel
4312 Boardwalk
P.O. Box 602
Wildwood, NJ 08260-0602

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