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Candidates and Credentials (CCC)

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Candidates and Credentials to supervise the taking under care of candidates for the gospel ministry, to assign parts of trial for licensure and ordination, and to conduct the examinations for the same.

Foreign Missions Committee (CFM)

It shall be the duty of this committee to excite interest in foreign missions among the churches of the Presbytery.  1.The Committee shall regularly advise the Presbytery concerning its responsibilities under the Working Agreement between the Presbytery and the denominational Committee on Foreign Missions, and shall serve normally as the Presbytery’s agent in discharging these responsibilities.  2. It shall be the duty of this committee to supervise and encourage the Presbyterial Society of the Presbytery in its foreign missions work.


Fraternal Relations (FRC)

The Committee on Fraternal Relations shall be responsible for ecucmenical relations with other ecclesiastical bodies in New Jersey that belong to denominations with which the Orthodox Prebyterian Church has formal fraternal relations.


Home Missions (HMC)

This committee shall have the oversight and direction of all home mission and church extension work within the bounds of Presbytery, including the Boardwalk Chapel, subject always to the review and approval of Presbytery.


Ministerial and Diaconal Needs (CMDN)

The committee shall receive requests for financial needs and emergencies from the sessions or diaconates of established churches or mission works of the Presbytery, or from committees of the Presbytery and to gather information on pastors’ salaries.

Visitation and Sessional Records (CVSR)

It shall be the duty of this committee to arrange for the visitation of every church of Presbytery at least once every five years, for the purpose of mutual counsel and assistance and to conduct an annual examination of sessional minutes of the churches of Presbytery.

Young Peoples (YPC)

It shall be the duty of the Young People’s Committee to supervise the youth work of the Presbytery, and to oversee the planning and conducting of the Spring and Fall rallies or other activities deemed advisable.

Recording (RC)

The Stated Clerk or his designee may, at his discretion, record the proceedings of the PNJ for archival purposes upon his written or public announcement of his intentions to do so; provided there is no sustainable objection from the floor.

Judicial Matters (CJM)

The Committee is to act in advance of a meeting of the Presbytery to receive appeals and complaints, to advise whether appeals and complaints are in order and properly before the Presbytery, to gather, summarize, and/or index the relevant documents and data, and to recommend the whole order of the proceedings, but not the disposition of the appeals or complaints.


Budget and Finance (BFC)

The Committee is to establish, report, and maintain policies and procedures for receiving and receipting contributions in support of the Presbytery Budget and disbursing budgeted funds as support commitments, committee-authorized obligations, stipends, or reimbursements, and report regularly to the Presbytery concerning the status of the Presbytery's accounts and expenses.

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